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    A History of Wheat Improvement at Kansas State University (2003) pdf
    Historical shifts in the seed mineral micronutrient concentration of US hard red winter wheat germplasm (2006) pdf
    International Contributions to the Improvement and Marketing of Kansas Wheat (2000) pdf
    Local organic landrace wheat programs – position paper.(2008) pdf
    Mill Town Kansas in the Age of Turkey Red (1996) pdf
    Myth and History: Turkey Red Wheat and the "Kansas Miracle" pdf
    Pedigrees of Hard Red Winter Wheat Varieties pdf
    Restoring Our Heritage of Wheat pdf
    The Culture of Wheat in Kansas (2000) pdf
    The Early History of Wheat Improvement in the Great Plains (2008) pdf
    Turkey Red Wheat pdf
    Turkey Wheat: The Cornerstone of an Empire pdf
    Understanding Global Trends in the Use of Wheat Diversity and International Flows of Wheat (2002) pdf
    Wheat Explorer the World Over: Mark Carleton of Kansas (2000) pdf
    Wheat Production Handbook (K-State, 1997) pdf
    Wisconsin Heirloom Wheat Interview (2013) pdf
  Government Publications  
    Classification of American Wheat Varieties (1923) pdf
    Development and Spread of Semi-Dwarf Varieties of Wheat and Rice in the United States (1980) pdf
    Distribution of the Classes and Varieties of Wheat in the United States (1929) pdf
    Distribution of the Varieties and Classes of Wheat in the United States in 1949 (1949) pdf
    Hard Red Winter Wheat Varieties pdf
    Kansas Wheat History (2009) pdf
    Wheat Crop Germplasm Committee Report (1996) pdf
    Varieties of Winter Wheat Adapted to the Eastern United States pdf
    Turkey Red Wheat Cultivation view
    Turkey Red, Growing History - Abstract view
    Heritage wheat gives rise to tasty breads (Minnesota Public Radio, Feb 5 2014) hear
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